Top 5 Things to do in Nassau!!

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Do swaying palm trees, fresh coconuts and all day sun tanning come to mind when you think of the Bahamas? Or perhaps deserted beaches and fruity libations?  Well there’s all that and more!  Nassau is the largest city as well as the capital city of The Bahamas.  Nassau is an ideal place to spend your vacation and the natural beauty can easily captivate literally anyone seeking tranquility and the definition of island life.  Here, being on island time is everything and visiting Nassau can be the experience of a lifetime.  There may be many exciting reasons to pack your bags and go, but here are our top five reasons:

  1. Snorkeling and Shark Diving: Ever dreamt of swimming underwater with sharks passing by? If yes, then a trip to Nassau can fulfill this dream. The beaches in Nassau provide an excellent opportunity of snorkeling and shark diving. There are various trainers available to facilitate a safe dive and also make it memorable. A whole new world awaits under the sea, and the waters of The Bahamas are a divers paradise.  Schools of bright tropical fish, colorful coral and exotic sealife can be seen for miles and miles.
  2. Food and Cultural Tours: Nassau is not just rich in natural beauty but it is also teeming with the tastiest local cuisine and authentic culture. The music, traditions and food is noteworthy.   Not only can you enjoy chicken souse and johnny cake, but seasonal fruits, bush teas and the freshest seafood around.   There are various food and culture tours to choose from, including driving tours, walking tours, or a combination of both!
  3. Sports Fishing: “Sports fishing” is something Nassau is most famous for. With beautiful beaches and mind-blowing shores, Nassau attracts anglers from all over the world. Strike a pose after catching a sizeable mahi mahi or tuna, and the best part about it is that some tours will allow you to have your catch cooked fresh before your eyes!
  4. Historical Places: No visit to Nassau is complete without getting an historical tour. With so much rich history and such a colorful past, this island paradise can tell stories of pirates, privateers and buccaneers who made the island their home. The 3 remaining forts; Fort Fincastle, Fort Charlotte and Fort Montague along with the Queen’s Staircase and Government House are steeped in history and give an unadulterated account of this islands past.
  5. Blue Lagoon Island: One of the best beaches in the Bahamas can be found at Blue Lagoon Island, also known by its official name, Salt Cay. Blue Lagoon Island is just 3 miles away from Nassau and are best known for dolphins. It is now the home of dolphins and sea lions of the Dolphins Encounters, and is owned by a native family. You can spend your whole day on this island and enjoy the numerous activities.  If you decide to just enjoy the beach, play and swim with dolphins and sea lions or do both – this is an exhilarating and educational tour on an isolated, pristine beach just minutes from Nassau.
    So the next time you’re planning a trip to Nassau, be sure to knock these off your bucket list!