Flavors Fruit Spotlight: Tamarind

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Have you ever seen brown podded fruit hanging from a tree in The Bahamas?  If you have, its probably the tamarind fruit, a fruit that grows locally and is enjoyed seasonally by locals.  Indigenous to tropical Africa, and grown throughout the Caribbean, this island delight will please the most demanding palate.  This leguminous tree plays a major role in the culinary creations of numerous countries around the world.  Most notably, tamarind is used to make:

  •   tamarind sauce
  •   jams
  •   jelly
  •   tamarind balls
  •   desserts
  •   salsa
  •   chutney
  •   teas
  •   sauces (including Worchester sauce)
  •   and seasonings. 

 You will know its ripe when the shell cracks easily under pressure revealing a pulpy fruit with dark colored seeds.  Sweet and sour to the taste, this fruit is found on all the Bahama islands and has been linked to numerous medicinal uses.  Its bark is also used extensively in carpentry due to its strength.

Ask your local vendor for this fruit when in the islands, and enjoy this popular fruit either straight from the shell or made into a tasty dish!