Flavors of Freeport
Driving Food Tour

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Driving Food Tour

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Price: $11500 per adult | $8000 per child

Time: 4 hours | Available 7 days a week (booking in advance required)

  Where: For cruise ship passengers: pick-up will be at the cruise terminal. For Hotel passengers, pick up will be at the Port Lucaya Marketplace. (Please be in front of the "Port Lucaya" sign at least 5 minutes before your scheduled departure time.)

 Tour Style: Driving

 Group Size: 6 - 15 people (Minimum of 4 people in a single group required)

Weather Condition: Tour takes place rain or shine

The opportunity every foodie dreams about.

The chance to sample from the secret recipes of Grandma’s kitchen as well as the refined culinary creations of Freeport’s best chefs all from the comfort and convenience of a party style tour bus designed with foodies in mind.  Sip, sample and savor as the Flavors Van shuttles you to foodie heaven in air conditioned comfort.

With many restaurants and food stalls around the island, narrowing down where to dine can be daunting.  The Flavors of Freeport food tour will allow you to sample an array of options that represent the full spectrum of Bahamian dining.  These locations have been handpicked to give you the best taste of the island with diverse and hearty food options.

What you will love about this tour is that not only do you get history, culture and tasty cuisine, there are also interactive experiences such as conch cracking, making your own Bahama Mama and learning how to steep our islands famous bush teas!

Participate as vendors pull Queen Conch from her shell, a staple and favorite among Bahamian cooking.  It is prepared raw in a salad known as “conch salad”, beaten and deep fried in a dish known as “cracked conch” or it can be cooked with herbs in a tomato base known as “stew conch”.

Let your taste be your guide as you become a resident mixologist! Learn the right measurements for creating our signature Bahama Mama.

Our island is steeped in history and as our grandparents would say “there’s nothing a little bush tea cant fix!”  From the common cold, to leg pain, with Bush Tea there is a remedy for it all.  Get your hands dirty learning to steep fever grass and 5 fingers teas and sample them hot or cold.


  • Up to four (4) restaurant stops
  • A knowledgeable and charismatic  tour guide
  • Historical and recipe talks by professionals at the various stops
  • Tips on the best food choices Freeport has to offer (not only our stops)
  • Interactive and hands on experiences with local foods
  • Sample local fruits when they’re in season.
  • Keep track of the places we visit on the “Flavors Map”, a handy guide if you want to return to any of the stops on the tour.
Island Food Tours Highlights


Island Food Tours Route
  1. The Flavors Van leaves from the Freeport Harbor and journeys east on Queens Highway, driving through the industrial zone of Freeport. Take note of the factories and plants that call this area home and give Freeport the title of “The Industrial Capital of The Bahamas”.  We will merge onto East Sunrise Highway with views of the Pine Forrest, the International Bazaar and get a taste of the history that reflects the island’s former glory that gave her the name of the “Magic City” and “Florida’s Playground” – being located only 50 miles off the U.S. Coast. 
  2. Next we venture off the beaten path into one of the oldest residential settlements located on the island, historic Williams Town, where our first tasting stop will be Toads on the Bay.  Here you will be delighted with secret recipes and seasoned dishes including the most tender cracked conch and lobster found in the Caribbean.  Our local fave of macaroni and cheese Bahamian-style, is a crowd pleaser and will delight your taste buds.  That family feel is oozing from the moment you step inside, and although the food is heavenly, hold on to your belt and resist the urge for more as we head to our second tasting stop. 
  3. Next up discover Manta Ray Restaurant, where you will be delighted to find miles and miles of gorgeous ocean views.  Manta Ray’s five-star atmosphere, ambience and cuisine will resonate with you long after you’ve left our beautiful island.  The adventure continues as we head to a local favorite Out da Sea where ironically this spot is landlocked, but nevertheless it is a staple on the island.  Sample the freshest seafood found anywhere and if its not freshly caught, it’s not made. 
  4. To wash all that down, we head west onto Queens Highway to our very own Sands Brewery where you will experience a full brewery tour showcasing the Brewery’s 7 different beverages that are manufactured and bottled there. Here you can find everything from the strong stout to the light lager. Follow the entire journey on your Flavors Map and guide! Come hungry, come thirsty! We’re waiting to welcome you onboard as we go in search of the next Great Bite!
Experience the islands through taste
The ultimate native food tasting and sensory experience awaits you!
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